Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Curtain Call!

Thanks for all the nice comments concerning the 'Back to School' makeover, my sister Lynnette and I did last week in Lubbock. My sister is so talented and fun! I love working with her. (Jill, we will definitely consider participating in a new HGTV series called, Dorm Storm! :)

Lynnette did a fabulous job on Natalie's room! She made the drapes out of embroidered fabric she found for a song. The bedding was purchased at Anthropologie, and is gorgeous! The shower curtain is from Target. The arm chair was spotted yesterday by my friend Boots. Apparently after seeing yesterdays post, she spotted this chair in her neighbors yard (for free!) she called me right away seeing how it was absolutely perfect! Thanks again Boots! I'm happy to report it's now tucked safely into my garage. Hey, Natalie! How do you like your new chair?

The buffalo check dust ruffle was created on the spot. Definitely a team project, Natalie and I duct taped the fabric directly onto the bed frame, while Lynnette held the mattress up. Way to use your head, Lynnie!

The art project was nice and simple. Flat black paint rolled onto a stretched canvas ( while painting the kitchen wall) and then sketched on flowers with ordinary blackboard chalk! A little misting of hairspray will hopefully set the art and keep it from smudging. It was so much fun! You should try it.

After days of triple digit temperatures, it's encouraging to see (and feel) it's 72 this morning. Just the thought of cooler days is so energizing. Makes me want to skip! So, I'm off to the studio to paint. Wish me well! (It's been a whole week and I'm feeling a little rusty...)


Southern Queen Bee said...

What a great deal on that chair. That dorm turned out so hip. Can't wait to see what you paint next.

Terry Browder, www.saylesranch.com said...

Roxanne: I think I am seeing a little more "whang" in your brushwork. Great development. More expressive. I like!

Lynnette said...

Rox, it looks so cute in the pics. Thanks again, soooooooo much! Love you. :)