Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Man Worth His Salt!

Carter and Coach

Meet my husband. His name is Mike Spradlin. He is a Texas, 5A high school, head football coach. It's not an easy job but it's one he loves! Fifteen years ago, he took an $85,000 pay cut to return to high school coaching after an eight year leave of absence....a decision he celebrates daily! He found out for himself, that big pay checks and extravagant perks don't necessarily make a man happy. Especially if your'e a man with a heart to serve others! He can't wait to get there at the crack of dawn and he's usually the last to leave. Why you ask? Because he knows no better way to teach a boy the lesson's he will need for a lifetime. As good of a coach as he is, it's a job that can't be done alone. It requires a lot of good men like him. Four and half years ago, he began to gather a staff of like minded men, that were loyal, knowledgeable, loved kids and weren't afraid to work hard. Now, five seasons later, these 16 commited men have built a championship program which involves over 225 kids. I can only begin to tell you how much I respect my husband, and all of these fine men. They are the sort that good stories are made of; the ones that inspire young men for a lifetime.
A few weeks ago, I read and article that was titled, My Playbook For high school football changed everything for country star Kenny Chesney. I just posted it, if you'd like to read it. Though his story came as no surprise to me, I never get tired of reading them.
If you're a football fan and have enjoyed this post, I'd like to invite you to follow the Cooper Cougars this fall. Our team has worked extremely hard and is well invested in this 2010 season. They won their season opener last night 40-21 to get things off to a good start. So feel free to drop by 'He calls me Coachette' to cheer on the whole crew (coaches wives included)!


Life as a Coaches Wife said...

You are just the greatest wife! And I know your coach feels the same way about you as you do him!
This post made me smile because while your husband has a few more years on mine, I feel the same way!!
We are so blessed!

Jillep said...

while I was raised around athletics, both playing and as a spectator, and the niece of an athletic director I know what it takes! Nothing I love more than a Friday night and high school football, my brother was "a boy of fall" that made it to the state finals, what a year! I am now the wife of a high school principal so I get to know the players and the coaches both! Sadly, I have raised soccer players! but we still love Friday nights and football! I will follow your team from across the miles - and continue to enjoy reading your blogs!!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

The love of your life . . . how special he must be to you. Blessings! Sandy:O)

courtney said...

i ALWAYS follow the coogs. i went to CHS my freshman & soph years (but graduated from Wylie), so i tend to keep my finger on the pulse of all of the abilene teams! good luck this season--off to a great start!