Tuesday, January 12, 2010

....envelope please!

Last weekend, our son Clint and his precious, Jenny (soon to be our new daughter-in-love) came out to celebrate his birthday which happened to be our 33 anniversary. I happily spent most of the day cleaning and baking Clint's favorite cake and was truly surprised when the doorbell rang and I was presented 2 vases of beautiful flowers from The Arrangement! (They were beyond gorgeous and fragrant too!) One from our thoughful daughters, signed "Good work!'' and one from my handsome coach saying, "the best is yet to come". I was touched by both. Later when Clint and Jenny arrived, we visited over homemade soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.....another gift, indeed.

On Saturday, I took Jenny to several of my favorite stores. We had such a good time and ran into quite a few friends. I was delighted to show her off...for Jenny Hauser, is a gem!

After a delicious steak dinner at Perini's Ranch, we made a few more stops and headed home. While the guys were cheering on the Dallas Cowboys, Jenny and I decided to have a craft night. The project of the night? Envelopes. That's right, envelopes! Jenny carefully peeled one apart and we laid it onto antique paper (thanks T. B.) and traced around the edges.

Using scissors, we carefully cut around the edges and then folded the corners into place. Before gluing, we made a contrasting liner for the inside and glued it in place with a scrap booking 'tape runner'. We finished off the seal with peel off adhesive tape. Look how cool!...and it was really fun! Just imagine all the different papers you can use on a project like this. We did.

We imagined all kinds of things! Here is one made from a b/w copy of a 1950's football program. Jenny made one out of the newspaper comics.

Here's a 1930's magazine advertisement for a Presto percolator.

Which is lined with black and white checks.

Old sheet music.....
lined with new pink and orange scrapbook paper. So cute!

Hope you'll try making your own envelopes with friends or your kids. What a special way to send a letter, thank you, or invitation. .........and don't forget your Valentine! Remember, sometimes the best gifts are the ones you make.


Kayce said...

What a great idea!!! Love it!

Congrats on 33 years of marriage!! And like Coach said, I hope the best is yet to come! Y'all are a testament to many!!

Beth said...

Are you taking orders?? I'll take a dozen of those envelopes! :) Those are great! So glad y'all had a fun weekend!

Channa said...

Happy Anniversary and love the envelopes! Too cute! You are just such a great crafty person!!

Sarah said...

I must comment -- I am fascinated with the envelopes, but know I am so overwhelmed with life currently that I will never do that. But someone I follow on Twitter (that I barely know and lives miles away) mentioned these, so I poked around your blog, which is gorgeous, then realized... you live in my town and know my friend Susan. What a busy, blessed life you have here with your new grandbaby and soon to be new daughter-in-love (would have longed for my late mother-in-law to think of me that way). I do plan to try some of your yummy recipes! I love the blog world!