Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Today is Jenny's birthday. She's a beautiful woman, that in 39 days will marry our son Clint.
He loves her dearly. So what a perfect time to say welcome into our family, our lives and our hearts. We love you already!
Jenny, Coach and I think you are very special. We look forward to watching your life with Clint unfold and your love grow throughout the coming years. We think you will be a wonderful wife and mother.
We appreciate your parents, who richly deposited their time and wisdom into you life. You are a reflection of their love.
I mailed you a card and present yesterday, but my best gift is our son. He is a good man. Full of hope and promise. Well loved and disciplined. A friend to many, a stranger to few. Eager to serve, with a gift of encouragement but most important, a heart for God. You can trust him to lead. He is in the best of hands.
So, "Happy Birthday", Jenny! May your heart dance today and everyday that follows, because you are loved.


Anonymous said...

awww Roxanne! I am crying as I read your beautiful words. Thank you so much for all your love and encouragement. God has certainly blessed me... with a great family, a soon to be husband that is a FANTASTIC man, and a new extended family that I couldn't have hand-picked any better!! I am one lucky gal. Love y'all.

Beth said...

Yes! Happy Birthday to Jenny (and look I'm doing it on the right day this time!) We are so excited to have you as a part of our family!

Channa said...

SO sweet!
Thanks for your sweet comments you left on my blog. Everything is going good. We are super busy! JR is good, off season, track and school are keeping him super busy! We followed y'alls fb season, congrats on a great season.
We hope the New Year has been wonderful for y'all!