Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

My, how time flies! It seems only yesterday that Carter was a tiny baby,
dressed in her first 'Trick or Treat' costume. She looked so funny! I called her 'Pope Pumpkinhead'! The next year when she was 1, she was the sweetest pink kitty cat. I love this photo!
Then last October, Beth and Carter, were visiting Texas and we had so much fun carving pumpkins,
turning Carter into a bumble bee
and 'Trick or Treating' with Lyssa and Parker.
Who helped her out and showed her how it was done!
What sweet kids!
We live in a historic neighborhood and walking down Amarillo Street is such a 'treat'! The beautiful old homes, many with large porches are gorgeous.
Afterwards, Carter shared some candy with Pops!
A memorable evening, out on the porch...
This year I'll be enjoying the evening with my sweet friends 'the coaches wives' and their precious children. I can hardly wait to post all the cute pics I'm sure to take....but I must confess! I'm going to miss my sweet Beth and her little bee.


Beth said...

You are so sweet mom! We love you so much...Carter is sure to miss sharing her newest look of black cat with Roxie and Pops! We'll send pics as soon as possible! Have fun tonight! Love you!

Jo Carol said...

So sweet! I love your home...all decorated for fall and for Trick or Treaters tonight. It was fun seeing you and getting a quick visit when I drove by today!! Thanks for sharing some creative ideas with me! Love ya!