Friday, October 31, 2008


Last night the Abilene Cooper Cougars lost, a much desired District Championship, to the Lubbock Frenship Tigers, 16 -10. To say the loss was a dissappointment would be an understatement. Frenship brought their game. Cooper didn't. We struggled. They didn't. But one thing is certain the Cougars are a very good team. Their not done!!! They have alot of strength, talent and speed. ...but the thing that perhaps sets them apart from the rest, is their heart. They wont give up! They'll learn from their mistakes. Make the necessary changes and get better! Everything is going to be O.K. The Cougs still have alot of wins left!

note to Coach:Win or lose, I love you. Admire you. Respect you. I am honored to be your wife.

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Jo Carol said...

I have faith...they CAN do it!! Go Cougs!!!!