Friday, October 3, 2008

Quaint Ladies Marketplace

What a day! Last Thursday, right here in Abilene, Tx., we experienced the 'First Ever Quaint Ladies Marketplace'! First of all, please allow to quickly explain how this all began. Way back in 1969, several young women, all friends and neighbors, found themselves living in lovely vintage homes. As true with every old home, each of theirs needed a little help. So, the ladies rolled up their sleeves and combined their efforts, and began restoring their homes. One house at a time. Thus began the Society for the Preservation of Quaint Old Homes (SPQOH).

Now I must admit, I am no 'society girl'. In college, you couldn't have paid me to be in a sorority (o.k., maybe you could have paid me, but I had no desire whatsoever to be in one...they scared me!) Anyway, when I moved here 2 1/2 years ago I was quickly invited to the SPQOH May Luncheon and instantly felt a connection with these (now 50 members) wonderful women. The organization meets each month in one of it's many quaint homes. However, yesterday history was made, when myself and 5 other members, organized and orchestrated a 'upscale' flea market! The FIRST EVER QUAINT LADIES MARKETPLACE. The weather was perfect!
photo by Mary Gregory
As was the setting at the beautiful new home of John and Jana Thacker..... I can hardly wait to show you around the grounds of this amazing home. The Thacker's carved this back yard out of an over grown thicket, several years ago, just in time for there daughter's wedding. Terraced, with a heavily treed canopy and Elmwood creek perimeter, one might quickly feel they are no longer in west Texas.

The fun began at 9:00 am .........We even had a line.

The SPQOH ladies are a creative lot and turned out in droves to make the day a success. This is Sarah, one of the '1969' charter members. Sarah does not usually wear this gold coin brassiere but cheerfully wore it today to help create the 'Junk Gypsy' ambiance!Way to go Sarah!...however it does make me wonder why Sarah just happen to have this little 'jingle-ly' thing hanging around? Each member had 3 tickets to give away to family and friends and lot's of folks came.

Welcome Pam!......super creative, artistic and talented girl! Why, may I ask did YOU not set up a booth and sell your fabulous wares?

This is Cindy, one of the lovely 'bohemian' hostesses. She had SO MUCH fun in her ruffles and jewels. I fear we may never get her out of them! (check out that tiara! I think she might have won it in the Miss Texas pageant a few years back???....Oh! See the way she s holding her hand?...definitely a beauty pageant queen) Anyway......we are about to enter the 'Quaint Ladies Marketplace' so, without further adieu.........ladies and gentlemen.........
BEHOLD..........................AAAHHHHH! photo by Jo Carol Spurlock
Come with me down many, many rock steps to see the lovley treasures! There were beautiful baked goods...and wonderful paper tags, cards and pumpkins at Molly B's, Davis had beautiful frames, stickers, magnets and jewelry! Great display, Nancy! Your booth was my favorite!
And there's the pretty Jana Thacker, that I've been telling you about. Jana, thanks for letting us make this big mess in your yard. I promise I'll help clean up! Oh, by the way! Are you wearing a tiara on your cowboy hat? You look beautiful! a Texas Ranch Queen....and I loved your booth! Jana's precious daughter Amy had made some adorable cards. Very fresh and fun, Jennifer Cochran and her cute mom had another great booth called Pray'd 4 U! Their colorful jewelry was a big hit! I really liked the boots and tags too!

Jo Carol had lot's of cool things and a great collection of altered art! phot by Mary Gregory

And my booth was odds and ends, from here, there and yonder! photo by Jo Carol Spurlock

Kay Noles had 'delicious' display of cakes and pies! Yummy!And yeah! Here's Brandy, of and . Check her out!!! Brandy will be on the cover and featured in the November issue of ARTFUL BLOGGING. As you can tell, she's a sweet peach, of a girl.

So is Mary Gregory, who is a super talented artist! Mary works in several mediums. Here are just a few of the things she makes...How about these garden posts?These beads were also a big hit! Made by African women, from strips of magazine. The prooceeds go to Heart of the Bride an organization that supports a orphans in Africa.What a wonderful variety of interesting things! Needless to say shopping bags were full! So what do you do when your stomach was empty and your arms were full? You run back up the steps to the Summer House (the Holding Place )drop off your goodies in this safe place until ready to purchase, and walk over to the Cafe (Jana's outdoor kitchen) for a little lunch and lemonade. That's where you'll find lovely, Terrie. Always cool, calm and collected cooking up a storm for 1oo people. Thanks Terrie! You did an amazing job.

photo by Jo Carol Spurlock

Jana's outdoor kitchen is really something! By the way, I'm pretty sure that Jana designed this entire house from the ground up, and I know she decorated it! She is well loved and admired. Everyone needs one. Don't you agree? (shhh.....Let's take a quick peek in Jana's kitchen..." Oh, hi!...uh... Julie, Jana and Amy! Uhhh...y'all sure are doing a good job in here." " y'all need any help?""OK. ....Well, you just hollar if I can do anything for you.".There's even a fireplace.When you were ready to go home, just go get your stuff out of the Summer House, pay and go!

Our FIRST EVER QUAINT LADIES MARKETPLACE was a huge success! As you can see the 'two sisters' are in a frenzy, adding up the sales!

These two are quite a team! Sarah calls out the numbers and Carolyn adds the up! Real fast! It's almost athletic. I felt like cheering them on, but they didn't like it! It was a bit distracting! So I went out to load my truck, which was NOT very much fun because it was real hot and I wasn't parked very close. So, when I got a chance to park closer, I quickly jumped in my red truck, turned that 'puppy' around and BAM!!! I backed into a darn wooden street post!...with the tail gate down. Double darn! I hate that when that happens. (......but keep it quiet, cause I haven't told coach yet) I'm kind of scared to and you're about to see why. If his reaction is any worse than Sarah and Carolyn's, (which is entirely possible, considering it's his truck and all ) I might be backing into the drive way for just a little while. Maybe just until we win a football game!


mary said...

OK - you win! That was beautiful, hilarious and everything else!!! Let's do it again!!!!

amy smith said...

wonderful capture of such a beautiful makes me wish there was a quaint market each week! your blog is beautiful...amy

B E T H said...

you're getting GOOD!!! That was so funny and entertaining! Good luck with the truck...I'd say mum's the word and keep that on the DL for SURE!!!!!!

molly said...

Oh thanks you made me enjoy the day all over again! what a wonderful quaint day had by all! I'm with you can't wait till next time.

lyndsay said...

That looked like a blast! What a beautiful house and backdrop for such a creative venue! You made it feel like I was there, great job!

Jo Carol said...

Hi Roxanne, Thanks so much for your kind words on a day I feel "kind of blue". Your blog looks wonderful,as usual, and your storyline can't be beat!! I can not wait until we do it again. You are such an inspiration to all of us!! Love you, too!

Cindy said...

Hey Glory Girl!

Enjoyed the pictures and story about our marketplace alot! I had the best time and it seemed everyone did! I was in the kitchen when you were telling the story about your truck. Sara, Carolyn and me were sooo sympathic on your situation (just look at Sara and Carolyn's faces in the picture)! But when you tell the story and show the pictures on this blog...I couldn't help myself but laugh and laugh because you made it so funny and very charming! Don't get me wrong...I'm still sympathic...just in a more humorous kind of caring way! HeeHee!
You are too fun girlfriend!
Love you lots!

Nancy Elaine said...

I love how you pulled everything together in your post! It was a day I didn't want to end. Now I can just visit everyone's blogs when I need a lift.Thanks for saying I was your favorite table. That means a lot to me coming from someone as creative and talented as you.

Joni said...

Your soooo cute!!

Couture de Papier said...

OMG! I want everything what fun! reminds me of earlier 'MacKenzie- Childs'!!
Denise Nantasket Beach,Mass.

kim said...

I really wish i could have attended this wonderful event... it looks like it was a breathtaking example of dreamy friendship, imaginative merchantship, and all for a wonderul cause... GLITTER!!!!!

Susan said...

Roxanne, this sounds like a great day! Enjoyed visiting on blogland.

Your around the corner neighbor