Friday, October 17, 2008

2-0 in Distrit 4-A

Just drove in from San Angelo, Tx. where the Cooper Cougars won their 2nd district game tonight! The final score was Abilene Cooper 54- San Angelo Lakeview 14. It's late and time for a little rest, but had to post the good news. The Coogs also had 418 yds. rushing. Needless to say we are thrilled!!!


Joni said...

Gerard Says "Way to go Cougars!"

Jo Carol said...

What a win! Mark listened to part of the game and kept me posted! How has your time in Midland been??? I bet you are exhausted! I finished painting the cabinet black in Emily's bathroom. I "think" it looks good, but know it will be wonderful when you get your little paws on it. I am getting ready to paint my diningroom chairs and table legs cream and them put a little stain on them. I met your bud Dave at B.Moore and he has been a great help. He thinks you are "something else"!! I know you have another week (or more)in Midland.... but please let me know when you might be headed this way. Love you! JC

PS. Try to get some rest this weekend.

Brandy said...

Yay Cougars! Can't wait to see you! Call me when your not busy!


mimi said...

Way to go Cougars!!!!! What a terrific win. We won our game last night too. Isn't it fun to win----CONGRATULATIONS

lyndsay said...

Congrats! Undefeated that's what I'm a talkin' about! Say Hi to my momma for me! I wish you could come out here and paint our new house but I don't think I can afford you!