Saturday, October 25, 2008

Boo Party!

Beware this post contains alot of cute pics (like Mother like daughter)(like grandaughter!)from tonight's birthday 'BOO PARTY"!!! Happy Birthday, Spiderman! Everyone dressed in costume. Well, almost everyone. Coach went as a grumpy old man (who didn't want to wear a costume) and I was Paula Deen. 'Shazam'! it was SO fun, Y'all! There was a tasty concoction, bubbling on the stove that everyone enjoyed. Decorations were so cute and spooky! The cake was delish! The singing was loud and a bit scarey.....On the way to the car, I snapped one more picture. BOO!!!


Beth said...

CUTE!!! YEA for Paula, BOO for the grumpy ol' man! You'd think he'd be up for the fun since they just one and all...he should have gone as Stone Cold Steve Austin, or Kevin Costner... :)

lynnette said...

Pics are all cute and looks like everyone had fun.
What are we going to do with Michael Frank?! Glad you did the Paula D. that was perfect for you. Take care and talk to you soon. Love you:)

lyndsay said...

That party looks like a blast! You are sooo Paula Deen! Did you talk in a deep southern accent the whole night? Great ideas Beth for Mike. I love the little baby costumes!