Monday, October 3, 2011



What a wonderful weekend! All our kids were home and it was non stop fun from the time they arrived for Friday night lights, until they drove off Sunday morning.

The football game was another nail biter. Mimi and Papa, drove up. As well as Jim, Darlene and Lesley Means. While the Wildcat’s are getting it all together, we fans are enjoying the excitement. We’re convinced that victory is just around the corner!

Saturday started off with what Carter calls a country breakfast. Then we loaded up a cars and checked out a nearby estate sale and Marshalls. Back home we just relaxed, made Queso, watched college football and listened to Clint play the guitar for the first. A couple of months ago, he took my old Gibson guitar home and thought he’d try learn how to play. I was so impressed. He‘s picking it up quickly.

After Coach got home we ate steaks and potatoes. Taking the opportunity to visit and catch up. After we cleaned up the kitchen everyone headed to the back yard for a little fun. The Corn hole boards were set up but some how a different form of entertainment developed and we took turns racing around our huge backyard while being clocked. It turned into quite a competition. Lot’s of cheering and laughing! Later the night owls played Wit’s and Wager’s.

Sunday morning I grated potatoes and we made sausage burritos. After breakfast, Carter and Emme ran around the backyard track a few more times. Watching them in the morning sun light made me smile. Carter runs like a Giselle and Emme like a little bobble head doll.

When it was time for everyone to go, I snapped a few pic and wished I had taken more. As they drove off I found my heart was full and grateful. Boy! I love these people.

Is there anything sweeter than love.


Beth said...

Thanks mom for the wonderful weekend and for the descriptions of Carter and Emme running...they could not be more perfect! :) We had so much fun! I love you.

Lynnette said...

How fun that y'all could have such a nice time together! I have to say that I am trying to focus in on the picture of Kimmy's outfit! Not sure if it's really her style, but you never know with that girl. Wish I could have seen the girls running. Next time take a video and post it for us. Glad y'all had a nice weekend and I'm sure a "win" is just around the corner! Love you!

Mindi said...

I LOVE your people too! As I look at these pictures, I find myself wishing I was in them with y'all! Love y'all!

bunnytrails said...
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bunnytrails said...

Looks like y'all had a ball!! I love the pic of Clint with his arms around Mike's neck. You can tell he is a lot like his momma...tender and loving!