Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Hands!


Picassiette – pronounced (peek ah set),  loosely translated means trash art, has been an art form


for ages. Yesterday,  a few of the ‘wildcat wives’ and girls,  got together and created little


trash art treasures!  The process is simple, great for all ages. Choose an object, any object


cover it in tile adhesive/grout (Lowes) and quickly arrange broken shards of old pottery,


jewelry, keys, buttons, marbles, bottle caps, scrabble tiles, typewriter keys and odds & ends.


Let it dry over night. When it’s convenient, mix sanded tile grout with enough water to mix


(the drier the better) and basically cover your project with the mud mixture, working it into


all the cracks and crevices. Then using a  household sponge and a bucket of water, begin the


process of removing the mud. Getting it all off is a little slow going but fun and therapeutic.


Speaking of therapeutic. Did I mention how fun it is to break dishes? If only you could have

heard the squeals. I like this craft a lot! I collect broken stuff for this very purpose. It always

reminds me of  our lives and the way it can chip, crack and break us into pieces. However, when

we give them to God, and make Him the master of our broken pieces. He takes whole mess and

does the unimaginable….He turns us into His masterpiece.

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bunnytrails said...

Looks like y'all had such a fun time. Love those cute "little" happy faces!! You are such a blessing to those women and little girls! Hugs! Jo Carol