Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Free Twigs!


After high winds and a rain storm last week, there were lot’s of limbs on the ground. I was so excited!These were not ordinary limbs, by my standard. They were absolutely gorgeous! Each one covered in lichen and moss. I loved them all! It was a tough but I picked out my favorites and added them to pumpkin décor on the front porch. The blue table was a 1/2 price estate sale find, the lanterns came from Marshalls and the battery operated candles from Target. Have you tried the candles that have a timer you can set? They are so cool. Once you turn them on, they stay on for 3 hours and then turn off. They look real too. The first night, Coach offered to blow them out! One of the most exciting things about the fall décor are the real chinese lanterns I found growing on the ground. I had no idea they grew in Texas. I grabbed a handful and started rolling them up into a wreath. When I got home I hung it on the door knocker. As I find other goodies laying around, like acorns and china berries, I just tuck them it. There’s really no point to all of this but just thought I’d point out that there are a lot of little treasures you can decorate with, right under your feet.

Enjoy the hunt! You may want to stick a pair of pruning shears in your car...just in case :)


molly said...

roxanne - it all looks amazing! How lucky you are to have such wonderful nature growing in your yard - you are not in WEST Texas anymore girl! Made my Fall - thanks - miss you - love you

Shelley said...

Man, I wish I was that crafty! GORGEOUS!!!

Katie said...

Loving your fall decor! No surprise there. Can't wait for you to help me "fluff" tonight :)
Love you!

bunnytrails said...

Hey girl! What's under your feet in your yard in Temple is not what's under my feet in ABilene!!!
Love what ya did!!Hey, I see some brown, shriveled leaves outside,,,hmmmm..let's see what I can do! :)