Friday, October 28, 2011



Please, tell me I’m not the only one that delights in these whimsical paper Mache sculpture. I’m not


quite sure what it is about this little couple but they always make me smile! Unfortunately, my family


gives me a hard time and calls them creepy. Honestly, do you there is anything “creepy” about this


happy couple? When I found them at Marshall’s a few years ago, they practically jumped into my cart!


Meet Otis Pumpkinhead, and his proud wife Pearl. They are the happiest pair I know and love to travel.


Oh! Speaking of fun. Have you downloaded Red Stamp to your iPhone? I made these quick as a wink. Just in case you are reading the personal messages and wondering why Beth and I can’t have a decent conversation it’s because every time we talk our call ‘drops’… It can be quite annoying to everyone but Pearl and Otis. The dears, stand very tall, grinning from ear to ear!


Lynnette said...

Hi Roxie,
Well, they are a little creepy, but they are very Roxie. Not saying you are creepy, just that you like the unusual stuff. :)
I like the Red Stamp and since I rarely get on my IPhone (wink, wink) this will give me something to do every once in a while when I'm bored (wink, wink, wink). Have a great weekend. Love you!

Jill Edwards said...

I LUV Otis and Pearl and for the record they absolutely would've jumped into my cart as well!! So whimsical! And thanks so much for the heads up on Red Stamp... gotta go try that out. We really need to have lunch sometime.... I'm in the Temple / Belton area frequently!

bunnytrails said...
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bunnytrails said...

Sorry I had to delete the above comment. I messed up and couldn't correct it!!! I LOVE Otis and Pearl...They make me giggle, just like you do! Wish you could have been at Hico for the Antique Market. Great time, great sales!! Just finished blogging about it. Love you!!

bunnytrails said...

Here I am answer your question. There was no rhyme or reason as to what sold the best. Really, a little bit of everything. My pillows, our shabby items, Carol's journals and paper tags,and furniture. It really did add up, tho!