Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ready for Fall!

Oh, how I'm ready for fall! After 80 something days of triple digit temperatures, I can't tell you what a toll this blistering heat has taken on the state of Texas. It's been Bad! Recently the temperatures have begun to fall into the 90's which have been a huge relief. Givng us all hope for cooler days and RAIN! It's been so long since we had any, so you can imagine our excitement last Saturday when drops of water began to fall out of the sky. I was lying in a hammock in the backyard watching the clouds gather, when the first drops arrived. In no hurry to move, I lingered there under the canopy of two old trees until the drops became a shower. That's when I decided to make a run for the back door but I culdn't get out of the hammock. As I began to roll onto my side, like you do when your getting out of bed, I flipped all in one motion face down. Laughing and imaging how funny that would have been to anyone watching, I bee-lined for the house where Coach and I jumped in our comfy chairs and watched the entire downpour.....

....all 10 minutes of it!

Coach left, after the rain stopped and went back to watch the football game but I stayed put for a long time, 'pinning' on Pinterest, just in case. I'm sorry to say that the rain went away. I hope more is own it's way.

The Fall Collage at the top of the post was taken by Carol Spinski. She is an amazing woman. Very talented and very sweet. I met her at a Blog Party several years ago at Round Top. You must drop by for a visit. I'm often inspired by her gorgeous photography and sweet spirit. Click here to see her beautiful blog, Raised in Cotton.

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bunnytrails said...

Send some of the rain our way. We actually saw lightning in the distance last night while we were at a BiG Brothers, Big Sisters event at the Senter Ranch. Aaron Watson was the entertainment and it was a magical time outside under the stars!! Don't forget to keep checking my blog..I'm up and going!!