Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Laynce!


Laynce and Leslie, danced their way into our lives a little over 30 years ago. Nothing’s been quite the same since! Today is Laynce’s birthday and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for the difference he has made in ours lives. Laynce, you are an amazing man. You know the word of God better than anyone we know. You are a scholar, a seeker with a passion to know God. He gave you the gift of teaching and imparting wisdom. We love the way you light up when you talk about our Heavenly Father. No one explains Him better. We have learned so much from you. It has been an honor to walk through life with you. To be ‘best friends’ with you and Leslie as one of the nicest things that’s ever happened to us. Not only have you enriched our lives but certainly the lives of our children. Thank you dear friend, for loving us all, so well.


It seems like almost all of our favorite stories start with,’LAYNCE AND LESLIE,…..’ which means you play a starring role in our best memories. What a cool guy you are! Really. Everyone thinks so. You are so easy.....


to talk to, very approachable and overflowing with insight and wisdom. We love your heart. We don’t know anyone like you.


You’re the real deal. You are a man that loves God. It’s written all over your face. His fingerprints are all over you…and your awesome family. What a joy, you all have been to our family.


Sharing our lives has brought immeasurable happiness. Perhaps a glimpse of the love and fellowship we’ll experience in eternity. Our heart bubbles over with gratitude for God’s goodness. Just the sound of your name makes us smile. Signals, fun! We never get tired of being with you and Leslie. Which reminds me. We need to plan a trip!

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Though you don’t hear us say it enough, “We love you, Laynce”. To know you is to love you.

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Happy Birthday, Laynce! A man after God’s own heart.


Laynce said...

Many thanks for all those kind words Roxanne! Leslie and I experience the same abundance of blessings streaming to us as a result of having known you and Mike and being a part of the growth of your family through these years.

It's just another example of how God is working this all together.

Beth said...

Yay! Happy Birthday BIG Laynce aka Black Pops!! :) We love you!