Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joshua 24:15


Leslie has been my friend for a long time. We were young brides together, new mom’s together, wives' together. As women, we grew up together. Our husbands are best friends too! We raised our families together. Compared notes on marriage, parenting and life. We are best friends! Forever.

We are like sister’s. We share almost everything. Our friendship has been one of God’s sweetest gifts.

Yesterday, was a special day for her. One of many to come. Her first born, a strapping young man all grown up, is about to marry the prettiest, funniest, sprarkliest young woman you could dream up. They are a perfect match. So well suited for one another that my heart is jumping up and down for them both.


Yesterday, we shared a bridal shower. What fun we had! All the way home, I thanked God

for His non-stop goodness. Marriage is the adventure of a lifetime. The up’s and down’s,

twist’s and turn’s of life, keep you holding onto each other for dear life! Yelling a the top of our



God hears our cry for help. He grows in us His truth. He enables us to forgive and love we can see the best in one another. He helps us to find joy in our differences.

Humor in our flaws. He gives us determination. Committed to Him, we resolve to become one in

Christ Jesus. To serve Him. To live life abundantly.


What a ride! Often wild and rough….more than one can handle. Understandably so. We can’t

do it alone. We need help. Unchanging Wisdom. Unemotional truth. We need divine leadership.


We need God, we need Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord….. Joshua 24:15


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Loved your post! What a cute bride and what a beautiful painting!

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