Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mothers and daughters!

How can a mother, explain in a few words, the heart felt, love that she has for her children? Something I often shy away from, this morning while looking at these pictures, they summon joy from depths of my soul and so I surrender, that my heart might sing it's song!

Recently, Beth accompanied Carter on a preschool field trip.
They traveled to a local farm, where they saw farm animals and had a nice visit with one particularly friendly cow....please excuse her for talking with her mouth full, she doesn't know better.
On a farm. there are many sights and sounds of interest! Lot's of animals, crops and even kittens. Though the highlight of the trip was perhaps, grabbing a friend's hand...
.....and searching for the perfect pumpkin!
Everyone found a favorite!

The well behaved four year olds, were gathered up for a group picture. As you an see they did quite well.

Until one little black kitten decided to join them.

Okay! Here comes the emotional ending........
When I look at these pictures they take me back to a time when I was the mommy and Beth was the baby. I am reminded of the joy of raising children! The constant hands-on involvement in their lives. Explaining, feeding, teaching, disciplining. dressing, playing, organizing, reading, brushing and bathing. It never ends, or though it seems. There is little rest for the weary. Yet, from my perspective today, these years though exhausting as they may be, are the richest and most fulfilling. More than anytime in a woman's life, there is the potential for greatness! For a great family! For great kids that will grow into amazing men and women. For great memories that will bring joy, time after time. For great relationships that will last forever!
So to my own precious daughters, and to all young mothers, I encourage you, do not grow weary in doing good things for your children. Invest heavily in them! Reserve for them, your very best!
These are things you will never regret. They will become to you, priceless jewels.
p.s. Beth, you are a wonderful mother! Watching you with Carter, blesses me. It touches my soul and makes me 'sparkle'! It brings honor to Dad and I.....and most importantly it honors God. Thank you, precious daughter. I love you, dearly!


delighted heart said...

You've said it best! Those were wonderful days (but tiring!) taking care of 3 little ones. And after they got in school it seemed like we lived in our car! But what great memories! And now the blessings are multiplying by the addition of 2 wonderful daughter-in -laws and a granddaughter! there are days when I wish I had done more of this or that with the kids when they were young but I believe God is going to give me a do-over with the grandkids! Isn't it a great day to be alive! God is so good! So thankful I found you my new fabulous friend! Have a great day!
Bless ya!

Michelle said...

Oh Roxanne...wonderful post!You made me cry (happy tears)!

Rochelle said...

Such a wonderful post full of words of love to your daughter....and granddaughter. God is great when we see Him magnified in our own children!

Beth said...

Thanks mom! I think of you daily and am always so grateful that you invested in me the way you did...it shaped me into the person I am today. I lvoe you so much and appreciate the encouragement! Can't wait to see you!

jane ann said...

Roxanne.....you took the words out of mouth. We truly are blessed that God entrusted us with His Children! THOSE SPECIAL TIMES WERE THE BEST OF MY LIFE, hands down!

Kayce said...

Thanks you Roxanne! That was beautiful and just what I needed.

bunnytrails said...

My feelings exactly and my tears are combined with yours!! I would love to have those days back (at times)!!! I love you, Roxanne, and I love your gentle heart...but most all, I LOVE THAT YOU ARE TEACHING ME HOW TO PAINT!!!!! Big smile and hug!!