Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lot's of Faux!

Over the past six weeks, the girls and I have been in Midland painting in this 12,000 sq. 'modern day' castle. The home has been a 3 year project and with completion insight, the faux finishes have begun. Several decorative artist's were hired to finish the walls of this house. Each of us were assigned different areas. I would be responsible for the 24' high rotunda, which houses the circular stairwell and beautiful 'hand forged' iron railing, and the adjoining living area which is of equal height. So Beth and Kim bravely climbed up the scaffolding and began to paint.

Juliet balcony.

Meanwhile, I would be painting the walls and ceilings in the master suite.

Before...during...and after.

Beautiful leaded glass windows highlight the whirlpool tub enclosure.
More master bath and hallway to closets.

His and....

Closet carpet.

Master bedroom with....

groin ceiling and....

carved fireplace. The scaffold is up and the work begins and ends. Beautifully elegant.

Master sitting area. Before.....

and after.
This house is beautiful.... a true work of art. It has many amenities which I will continue to post over the weeks to come. So check back. Ther is more to come!


lyndsay said...

Wow! What a masterpiece! Thank you for sharing. It looks like you girls had your work cut out for you. It looks Beautiful! Great Job!

Michelle said...

Again, UN-BUH-LIEV-AB-LE!!!!! Always amazing Roxanne!

ctb003 said...

What a gorgeous home!! Is that yours? You are all doing such a wonderful job with it!!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine