Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A good place to start!

O.K.! I'm ready to share the paintings I did last week at the Nancy Bush workshop. Nancy is such a lovely woman. She generously shared her time and talent with her 3 students. As a result we all learned alot.

Nancy, painted this on the first day from a photo taken in New Mexico. She paints very quickly, making the most of each stroke. She is very disciplined and uses a lot of restraint in her palette. I found this very challenging. I tend to 'like' a lot of color and contrast, but I find her work serene and soothing.We watched and listened and then went to work at our on easels. Here is mine ... I tried so hard to copy her, but try as I may, I got a different look. Which she encouraged. I wish now I had taken photos of Marie and Lettie's paintings too. They were all good, but like our personalities, so different.

This is Nancy's second painting. It too was painted from a photo taken in the hill country. Here is mine. The third day we had to find or take our own photo and paint from it. I really liked my painting until just now when I saw the photo again. It looks a little sick. Oh well! I'll learn from my observations and practice alot! Then on the last day we picked out a photo and painted a snow scene. I enjoyed every minute! Now they are framed and hanging on my walls. I can hardly wait to start the next on. I've already picked out three photos and will be painting this weekend. I'll post pictures. Thanks for letting me share! I've got alot of work to do, to get where I want to be....but I'm in a good place to start.


molly said...

Oh Roxanne they are wonderful!!! Oh How I wish I had your gift- You are using it so beautifully!Can't wait to see them in person. Keep it up!

heather said...

Roxanne, those are beautiful! You did an amazing job and I am so glad you shared your finished work. Fabulous!

lynnette said...

Roxie, the paintings are great! I am so proud of you. You stepped out of the box, had fun, and now are really on the road to fulfilling your dreams. Hang in there and keep moving forward.
Love you, lynnette

mary said...

I am trying to be nothing but happy for you, but my skin is turning a funny shade of green! A workshop given by you would probably help the problem. Hint, hint. You're paintings are beautiful and I really am happy for you!

ctb003 said...

You did a beautiful job on your paintings!! We are our own worst critics!! Maybe in my next life I'll be able to create with paint. : ) ~ Wendy McDonagh-Valentine