Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Fresh new look!

Even though I absolutely loved my previous blog header, I was comtemplating a change. So when I opened up my favorite blog @ (aka my talented daughter) and saw Beth's new look, I was inspired! Immediately I called to compliment and before I could even ask, Beth was offering to 'practice' on my blog. Yahooo.... I love it when that happens!!!

Anyway, a little birdie told me that Beth might have a 'give-away' in the near future, where several blog makeovers would be awarded. So you might want to check in daily! Hope your heart is happy and your feet are warm.


Beth said...

thanks momma! you're too all the art on the sidebar that's great! xoxo love you!!

molly said...

Love the new look and i missed you today at quaint old homes group. You are off painting something wonderful probably! wow I think I will sign up for the giveaway from your talented girl!!!!

full of gracie said...

I will definitely be looking for the giveaway of Beth's blog! I love your new look!!