Thursday, February 26, 2009


The drapes are up! The lights are on. It has taken 3 years to complete this modern day castle!

And finally, after many moons (and millions) it is finished! I had to run out west last week to do a little final touch-up. So I snap a few pics so you can see how things are winding up!

Empty rooms are ...

filling up!

When I finished glazing the master suite a couple of weeks ago the fireplace mantle looked like this. But upon return last week, it looked like this.


Great job by Laura Ricker, one of the other faux painters on the job. Laura, is the best I know at wood finishes! This photo is a close up of the kitchen island.

She also finished these 12 columns.

More kitchen.

These cabinets, dining and entry and media were painted by Amanda Lundgren and her assistant Donna. Good job, girls!

Beautiful hand forged iron pot rack. Made in the wine country of California.

Lovely iron Cantera doors entry the wine cellar.

The walls are paved with Antique Chicago Brick Pavers. Awesome! Way up high in the game room.

Welcome home!

P.S. This house was designed by an young woman and new mom, Christina Johnson, , 28, who was also the project manager throught the entire construction. Congratulations Christina! You are amazing in so many ways. Buckle up! You're future is bright!!!


Joni said...

That is just beautiful! If only it was MINE!!

full of gracie said...

Ummm.... GORGEOUS!! I am so jealous!! Everyone involved did a fantastic job!

bunnytrails said...

Stunning and oh so beautiful! Now, can Abilene have you back home for a while???? We miss you!

simplydelicious said...

Oh my....I just want to have it! You are one lucky lady!!

Rochelle said...

Wowsy! That is some beautiful home (castle)! Could you imagine keeping that place clean?? Can anyone say "MAID"!

Michelle said...

WOW! That is just unreal!