Friday, May 10, 2013

Juicing ideas!

Juicing has set me on a new course! It's like an adventure to health and wellness. Just when I was beginning to wonder if I'd ever find my way out of a web of bad habits and food addictions, God set me free when I ate and drank fruit and vegetables only for 48 days, lost 30 pounds and a new mindset. When I took a 2 month break but continuing to eat healthy, I added a little whole grains, dairy and lean meat. To my amazement my weight fluctuated only a few pounds. After struggling for a month to get focused and reboot again and lose more, I am back on track. Today, is day4 and I have lost 5 pounds to reach a new low! I can not begin to explain what joy this brings to a person who has struggled in this area for decades.

Recently, I have been asked a lot of questions and as you can imagine, I'm eager to help. So, my I have spent sometime gathering up all the photos of juices I made during my 1st juice reboot and have placed them under a tab called "Juice Ideas", at the top of my blog page, under the peach header. Though I'm no juicing expert, I hope this will provide enough helpful information to get anyone interested going. Then over the days and weeks to come, I'll will share more ideas and recipes for healthier feasting as I discover them. So if you have other questions please feel free to ask  and I'll do my best to answer.

Have a great weekend!

Eat more veggies!!!

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Stefanie said...

Yippee!! Thank You Friend!! I hope your Mother's Day is Great! I enjoy your posts so much and wish you the very best on your journey!