Friday, May 3, 2013

Backyard Blessing!


After many years and many houses, I have been blessed with the

backyard of my dreams. A densely wooded property with water,

ornamental trees, a greenhouse, established beds full of fragrant

roses and perennials. Like a kaleidoscope of colors, the iris, phlox

azaleas, daffodils, hydrangeas, clematis, larkspur, morning glory

and hollyhocks compete in complementary contrast. Ever changing

and taking turns to show off whose the prettiest. This week it’s

the larkspurs turn and the morning glories and clematis echoing

their brilliant blue. Just in time to cheer on the blue and white

Wildcats, who started spring football this week:) God is good!


I haven’t always had such a place but I’ve always tried. Whether

it was a few flowers mixed with herbs in a clay pot or beds all the

way around the house, I love planting things and watching them

grow! So where ever you live, you too can enjoy a slice of nature.

Look around, ask questions…experiment. Don’t be shy. Just

plant something, hide and watch….and don’t forget to water:)


My cup runneth over!


Stacey said...

Your yard is beautiful! Yes you were so lucky to find that house and yard combination. We left behind a yard as pretty as that in Oklahoma when we moved here to Rockwall last summer. I mourned that yard for awhile and now I'm busy making this one into my kind of yard. :)

Isabel said...

Thanks for sharing love those old chairs!!!!:O)