Saturday, December 22, 2012

Little fun!


Carter and Emme are here and that always means non-

stop fun. This morning started out with Dinkel’s

gingerbread cookies and turquoise tinted oatmeal.

Then we were off to Paris Nails for mani’s & pedi’s

Emme, sat in her on chair and kept everyone on their

toes or laughing. Carter, enjoyed the chair massage

and chose great neon colors for her nails. Emme chose

rosy red with a top coat of red glitter…which wound up

everywhere. Carter did great! She’s a pro.



The afternoon was full of painting, playing and baking.


Of course, there was a lot of excitement concerning 

these packages and they were very happy when it

was time to open them. I’m not sure who was having

more fun.



They were so cute, appreciative and helpful at clean

up time. Then it was time for cookies and cocoa.



Bedtime, was a breeze tonight and boy, was I thankful!

All this fun is exhausting. It’s funny how you

forget…and how mentally, physically and emotional

out of shape we are. One thing for sure, we are so

proud of Beth and Nate…and they great job they are

doing as parents. Hat’s off to all of you with little ones!


I slipped outside to take a few pics of the outside. Not bad

for something so easy to put up but next year, I definitely

plan to do more.

I love Christmas lights and I picked up a few ideas last

night as we drove the girls through BLORA.


I’ll need more lights though. Which leads me to an ongoing

question? LED or the regular old lights? I love the idea of

plugging 20 strands into one plug but don’t always love the

way the lights look. Any thoughts?



Got to go wrap….to all a good night!


Beth said...

This makes my heart so happy! I love you times a billion! Thank you thank you for spoiling my babies! They needed a weekend at grandmas! Now I need my mom to come help me :)

Sarah Shalley said...

Lots of LED in my neighborhood. Have to say that I prefer the old twinkles instead. ;) Merry Christmas to your family.

Isabel said...

Merry Christmas Roxanne!!!!:O) I say regular lights!!!:O)Beautiful little girls:O)