Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deck the halls!



The kitchen is ready for holiday baking.



Vintage Christmas cards,tiny bottle brush

trees, tinsel, German glass glittered bells

are nestled into English ironstone, brown

transfer ware, crockery and tarnished tin.



I am amazed by old Christmas

lights and ornaments. The quality,

craftsmanship and details delight me.

Though fragile and easy to break, I

enjoy packing and unpacking these

little gems, year after year.





Recently, Kimberly stood looking at the

Welsh cupboard above and asked, “Where

do you find all these things?”



Which reminded me of one Thanksgiving when

my little brother asked me, after looking

around our house, “How many hours a day

do you spend collecting all this crap?” but

but on this particular day I sensed a sincere

question. I find a lot of things I like

at antique stores/malls but most of it I find

at estate sales.




A lot of things I like are not fancy or

valuable and people don’t bother to price

and sell them in a store. That’s why I enjoy

estate sales because you find all of kinds

of interesting stuff! Little odds and ends

from long ago, like the stuff below, that have

been corralled onto an old cheese block.






A chalk ware Joseph, plastic nativity,

paper mache’ snowmen, elves, a red

boot and bottle brush trees are good



Another, was this handmade magazine rack

which I turned into an organizer/ chalkboard.



Next: The Studio, aka Santa’s Workshop and

giftwrap station…it’s a mess!


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Roxanne, Oh my heart is with you, I too loved old collectibles, especially Christmas decorations. I love to shop at estate sales, yard sales too. The little things I find don't mean much to someone else but I love them with all my heart. Sometimes its the little things that mean the most to me, everything else is secondary. Enjoyed this post so much. Blessings sent your way today, Sandy xo

Stacey said...

Roxanne, you've collected the things that help give a home character and heart. Those are the things my new house needs more of to make it feel like home. Of course, time too. :) Thank you for sharing your home. I just love your style.