Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deck the Halls!


Our home is a cozy place where we live,

laugh and more importantly, love.


After all, it is love that turns a house

into a home.



Makes it warm and inviting, to both family

and friends.


So if you like to decorate and make things

pretty and bright. It’s okay!


For our Heavenly Father, too, has lavished

us with His beauty. Everywhere you look He

has displayed His amazing creations to show

you His glory and offer His love.



So, go ahead a decorate your home. Take

time to create interesting things. You

don’t have to spend money. Some of the best

things are free. Moss covered branches,

pinecones, seed pods, bird nest, gourds,

mistletoe, fresh cut balsam and vines, to

name a few can be, with a little

effort arranged into beautiful displays. 





Simply have fun making your home reflect your

heart. That your family and friends will not

only feel your love, but they will also feel