Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This is my Fathers world.


Ever since mine became empty, I been a big fan of birds nests. Even more so

after our son in law Nate, gave me Feathers From My Nest: A Mothers Reflection

by Beth Moore. I highly recommend it but warning… have tissues in hand.


Though all nests have similarities. I’m intrigued by their individuality and

uniqueness. This little nest, which I found on the ground, is thin and a bit

sparse. However, woven into to the inside wall was a generous piece of

white paper. The paper contains fragments of letters or numbers and though

not legible, they nevertheless are there. Woven into the body of the nest.


I painted this Sunday afternoon, right after I finished a Thread of Hope. Convinced

that this nest contained a lesson as well, I asked my Father to show me & He did.


Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. Psalm 119:11


The paper woven into the nest is like His word, hidden in my heart. When

we spend time reading and digesting the Word of God, an amazing thing

happens. It becomes apart of us…the very fiber of our being. It is His way

of helping us to stay ever close to Him. I am like the paper white narcissus

bulb. It is my prayer that the Lord, will awaken my soul to thrill at the Joy

of His Presence! That His hidden word, will keep me close to Him and bring

Him glory….and me His joy.


Romans 1:18-20 “For the truth about God is known instinctively to

them. God has put this knowledge in their hearts. From the time the world

was created, people have seen the earth and sky and all that God made.

They can clearly see His invisible qualities – His eternal power

and divine nature. So they have no excuse whatsoever for not

knowing God”.

Luke 19:40 I tell you, he replied, if they keep quiet, even the stones will cry out.


This is My Father’s world

This is my Father’s world,

and to my listening ears

all nature sings, and round me rings

the music of the spheres.

This is my Father’s world;

I rest me in the thought

of rocks and trees, of skies and seas-

His hand the wonders wrought.


molly said...

How beautifully written and what a treasure God shared with you. Oh I miss you my friend - hope your season is filled with great Joy! Hugs to you!!!!

Jenn said...

This is beautiful...I love the message, the image, everything. My heart is so hungry for more of His word this morning.

bunnytrails said...

When I read this post, I could just hear you saying it, as if we were in a conversation. What comes out of the mouth, comes out of the heart...You are so good at sharing what the Lord puts in your heart. Love you, dear friend!

terrybrowder@saylesranch.com said...

Very well put. Simple, insightful, and Roxanneful!