Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Magnolia House..…First Christmas!


It’s been great fun decorating this year. Experimenting with old familiar objects in


new ways has keep me darting and dashing…and digging through boxes looking for


just the right things to put in each room. Everything has come together nicely and


love walking through the house each day. Since this was our first Christmas


here, each room took on it’s own personality. The living and dining room


is decorated in muted shades of metallic gold, green, blue and brown. Letting color


be my guide rather than style, the room whispers of warmth, worn elegance and whimsy.


The only thing missing are family which will be here soon…. and my precious friends


who will not. Nevertheless, I am grateful and thankful for the bottomless list of


blessings God has given us but most of all, His son, Jesus. Oh how I love Him! My heart,

like the manager, holds Him in wonder and adoration. Praying that the radiant light

of His love will illuminate my path and reveal more of His truth and goodness. May

we triumph in the joy of His reality now and forever. Merry Christmas.


bunnytrails said...

So pretty,warm and inviting!! Wish I could just drop in!! Merry Christmas, my friend! Love you, Jo Carol

Stefanie said...

We have a mutual friend, Janell Dunnam, she is the Mother In Law of Cassi......They are such a Great Family!! Anyhoo, she turned me on to your blog and I'm so glad she did!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!