Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Monday Art Class

The girls gathered to paint again yesterday. It's been two weeks since I posted their birds nest. You might recall how proud of them I was that day, realizing that they had turned the corner from beginner to painter. It hasn't been easy but their consistence and perseverance has paid off. Yesterday, we studied the style of Kim Parker. A contemporary artist that paints colorful flowers in her own unique, lyrical style. She is a class favorite! Several have read her book and treasure it. I have never met Kim Parker, but I know by the way she paints that I like her. Truthfully I consider her a friend, site unseen. Here is the study I painted (....... please excuse my toes, I am not a foot model).

Here is the girl's art! I smile every time I see this photo. I love everyone of them! The girls and their art.
Thanks Kim Parker for inspiring us with your heart and your paintings.
Feel free to pop in and paint, anytime.


paperbird said...

All so very pretty. I hope to make it down your way sometime and take a class from you- that would be so fun :-)

art and soul was amazing- so many classes to choose from.

Linda Popple said...

Very happy paintings!! Such beautiful and vibrant colors!

courtney said...

fabulous! i love kim parker, too. i have her art (copies, of course) in my living room, bedroom, and kitchen. maybe it's overkill, but i like what i like.

those all are just as great as any kim parker i've seen!

aimee said...

they are all so beautiful! you are a fantastic teacher. i wish i lived close enough to take classes from you. i just know you could help me be the artist i so want to be!

bunnytrails said...

Man, I missed out again!! I would have loved to have been there!! See you next time, for SURE!!

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Too pretty!