Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Art Babies!

...sniff,'s a proud moment. My 'art babies' are all grown up! Where did time go? It seemed only yesterday they were beginners. Learning to mix colors and make painterly strokes and hold their brushes with confidence. Their bright eyes eager to learn, won my heart. Their desire to create beauty, touched me! Their enthusiasm was contagious! I took delight in watching their progress. Though messes they did make, I assured them frequently, 'we can fix anything'! When we met yesterday to paint, just like ever other week, I didn't know that today was 'graduation day', but half way through the class, one thing became apparent.... my art babies were growing up! Way to go ladies! You are painters now! You have improved immensely. I'm so happy for each of you. At the end of class, I took photos of their work so I could share them with you. Here they are!Joann, your bird's nest is beautiful! You got everything right! Marsha, your painting is beautiful! Rich in color and drama.Boots, your painting is beautiful! Fresh and natural....full of grass and sunshine!
Aren't they wonderful?
I just can't get over it....and as if that wasn't enough for one day, the night class stepped up and did their best work ever!

Here are the roses that Sharon and Molly painted last night!
This was Sharon's first time to paint roses. Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?
...and Molly did an amazing job on her 'pink roses'! You did a great job of adapting your colors from white to pink. Simply beautiful!
Congratulations, ladies! You are now officially painters. I'd love to present each of you with a cap & gown, I mean, smock & beret! And as you walk into the future may your eyes be opened to the incredible beauty with surrounds you! Set your goals high. Paint often! And most of all remember, "Life is a blue sky of opportunity"!


Linda Popple said...

Nice post, Roxanne! You did a great job teaching your art babies. Their paintings are wonderful!!

Stacey said...

Beautiful! I'd love to be there to participate in one of your classes. Each piece of work is gorgeous. :)

aimee said...

so beautiful! congratulations to the new painters! you are a great teacher.

bunnytrails said...

Trust me, if I had been able to be there, you would not have been able to write this blog or you would have had to say there was still one duckling left that did not graduate!!! I missed you guys and look forward to painting next time!! Love you

hometown girl said...

wow, these are all beautiful! i love the nests so sweet! susan

paperbird said...

these are amazing Roxanne- you must be a wonderful teacher.

Mitzi Easley said...

Hi Roxanne - Lucky students - you've done a great job with them! I'm from Abilene and would love to visit sometime and take a class... look forward to working with you on the STALTP blog! M