Saturday, June 12, 2010

Biscuits and Jam!

Today I am making jam and don't try to talk me out of it!

I know it's going to take all day. I know it's going to be hot and messy and in the end I'll probably have only a dozen little jars of jam and a sticky kitchen floor! Wish you were here Beth!

But what else was I going to do today? Besides paint, plant, unpack and pick up!

Besides plums are all over my backyard!

Thats right! I've got one fruitful little plum tree which provided blooms at Jenny and Clint's March wedding, survived a late freeze, gave Boot's all the 'green plums' she could eat and now lot's of ripe ones for me to make jam!

Thank you little tree. You have definitely earned your keep!

I'm also making bread today.

Don't you wish you could be in my kitchen this afternoon when warm jam meets hot bread....I'm just saying!

In case you prefer biscuits with you jam, I just posted a recipe for Cream Biscuits on my recipe blog, Coachette's Kitchen. I made them last night for the first time. They were quick and delicious!


In closing I want to thank Rachel Lake for letting me borrow the image above. It is befitting! And at the end of the day, I'll take a picture of me and my jam!


Rochelle said...

mmmmm......i can taste them all the way over here! try and stay cool in your kitchen while makin' the sweet jam!
-happy summer

Halo Hill said...

Very cool! Good for you! Wish I were close enough to come to your class... I would LOVE it!


lyndsay said...

I do wish I was there. That sounds delicious! I'm sure you will do a wonderful job! Save a jar for me when I come back.

paperbird said...

I love making jam- my hubby is the biscuit maker but I think I will give your recipe a try.
Have a lovely week Roxanne.

aimee said...

doesnt it feel so great when you smell the delish scent of baking coming from the kitchen all over the house! it just makes me feel so good, and happy. love the picture :)