Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Treasure Tray....

I love anything old! I always have. I collect all sorts of random stuff, simply because....

Once upon a time I found a silver-plated meat platter. Despite the tarnish and the funny 'tree', design intened to catch the juices of the meat, I liked it and bought it. Having no earthly idea what I would use it for but fairly certain it would not be for it's intended purpose. I'm not sure how long it took, but eventually the idea came to me. I would bury some of my treasures on the surface of the platter, turning into a tray of treasures.

Look closely and you will see a cast iron leaf that fell off a porch bracket. Also a wine cork, a prisim, a handful of seashells, and a couple of old marbles.

A futher look reveals a pearl necklace, a skeleton key and my grandmothers rouge compact.

I still love to open it up!

In the center, there is a little sheet music in a mirrored framed which happens to be a great place to sit a jar candle.

Also my grandmothers car keys, an earring and a rhinestone brooch. What an enjoyable way to display these sentimental items.
All treasure was attached with Liquid Nails and left over night to dry. The next day, I used sanded tile grout in a neutral shade to fill in and cover the glue. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Angela Elledge said...

Oh, I knew I liked you right away when I found your blog, and each time I read your blog, I learn another reason why! Your tray is beautiful and I love that there are so many sentimental things to remind you of home and family.

I have a wonderful old tray that a friend made for me filled with junk...the good kind. I have it on a tabletop easel in the breakfast room, it is filled with a variety of things: an old wooden Sears & Roebuck stamp, pink crucifix, a little Joseph statue, an old fashioned little plate with a swirly iron frame surrounding it, the front of a Maxwell House tin, and several very old children's toys, like a cast iron red and white bull, cast iron train engine, a wooden bowling pin...Oh, never mind one day I'll take a picture and e-mail it to you. My brother, a very gifted artist, bought an older home several years ago and as he was building a deck and landscaping he kept digging up little trinkets, some children's toys, old jewelry, and such. As he collected the stuff he tossed it on an old tray with the same thought as you in attaching it permanently. Even his dogs will continue to dig up stuff and they leave it for him on his back steps. He just continues to add it to his ever growing collection.

Somewhere on my blog is a painting i did of his dog, Lucy, called Four on the Roof...you can read more about Shane; I think you'd like him and his wonderful artistic mind, a lot! Take care, Angela

Joni said...


Razmataz said...

I love having a tray like this around as they seem to evolve into their own art piece over time with ever changing vignettes of bits.

Looks great, I love your bits.

paperbird said...

Wow Roxanne what a great idea! It is so beautiful. What a lovely way to display sweet treasures gathered.

I forgot to tell you- the pillow you commented on was from pottery barn- i wish i could say that i made it.

I collect wonderful old treasures too- and always have :)