Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last Thursday, artist and friend Mary Gregory and I drove around the Gregory's beautiful property, in search of something special to painting. We've been talking about plein air painting for almost a year, so it was thrilling to finally try it! Here's Mary with her new tripod, which worked like a charm.
My (eBay purchased) french easel, which I had never set up, was almost as challenging as a Rubik's cube. I just hate puzzels!

We said a little prayer and started painting. Lady Bird, a friendly Basset Hound, keep us company while Oreo, the dutch belted cow looked on. She didn't have a lot to say but her expression tells it
all....plein air painting isn't easy! There are so many things wrong with this painting and perhaps I shouldn't have posted it but then again this is my story, my journey to becoming the best painter I can be. If I'm honest, occasinally I find myself in places of discouragement where thoughts of doubt and fear creep into my mind and I think maybe I'm not talented after all. Unfortunately,if I believe just one of these thoughts, I'm suddenly surrounded by several more. So here I am, trying to be transparent... anxious to grow.
Don't worry though, we're not giving up that easy. We will definitely try it again soon.


mary said...

Where is the picture I took of YOU? That was fun. Hard, but fun. Let's give another try!

Angela Elledge said...

I'm glad you enjoyed plein air painting, for me it is exhilarating and frustrating from start to finish, but so worth every minute of the process. Oreo and Ladybird are precious and I think your first landscape is excellent, looking forward to seeing more.

paperbird said...

I think it is beautiful- I wish I could paint as well and the farm girl in me wants a beautiful cow just like that :)

Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

The fact that you can paint and it comes out looking like a tree is amazing to me - I think it looks great! Alas, I do not have that skill! :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog the other day!

Flower said...

Hi Roxanne, I enjoyed your post so much! I enjoy seeing anything Mary does and it's especially fun to see her doing something with friends!
Your painting is lovely! Keep at it! Say the positive things over and over!!! It is true!
The oreo cow is over the top...for a cow!!

Kim said...

If you had painted a giant picture of oreo I would have purchased it and hung in over my mantel, and made gus and griffin sit on either side really still and taken their picture and then carried in my wallet forever.

and ever.