Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vacation Goodbye!

After 7 days of cruising the Alaskan coastline, it was time to say goodbye! Goodbye to cool weather, long naps, breath taking scenery, three squares a day and our well used 'sea pass card'! As we drove back into the US we were delighted with the floral display below. That and the friendly custom agent reminded us of what a special place America is, especially on her birthday! Crossing, Deception pass, onto Whidbey Island. Where our girls are waiting on our return...with big hugs and special plans for a celebration. Including lots of backyard fun, a cookout, homemade ice cream, games and last but not least, fireworks!

We had a wonderful evening! I promise! Really! I have no earthly idea why coach looks so sad! I know for a fact that he is an extremely happy man.
See! That's better! Wow, those are some really big antenna's behind us. Anyway....We spread out the blankets and set up the lawn chairs and enjoyed homemade peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream, while watching the fireworks!
The last day in Seattle, we checked into the beautiful Edgewater Hotel and walked down to the famous Pike Place Market. A stroll through the pictures below, will give you a glimpse of this fresh and colorful display of fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish and more. A must see!


Rochelle said...

I just love Pike's Market...aren't the flowers they have for sale there gorgeous!
:) Rochelle

Terri Brush said...

Hi Roxanne,
Looks like your folowing me! I just returned from Alaska and Seattle! LOL.. looks like you got some fabulous pictures..