Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clint and Jenny!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young woman named Jenny.

After graduating from college she gathered up her dreams and moved to Washington D. C. With her site set high, she found herself working in our nations capital.

Most of her time was spent working hard...and working out. However one fateful night, she met Clint, who asked her out immediately! They had so much fun that she quickly reciprocated by taking him on a picnic....The Congressional Picnic, held annually on the lawn of the White House.

Soon they were an 'item'. Spending lot's of time together and with each passing day they grew quiet fond of each other. They talked and dreamed, and planned a future and even bought a tiny puppy, named Tank.

Then one lovely day back in June, Clint invited Jenny to a picnic. . . on the lawn of the Capital.

They enjoyed a light supper that Clint had prepared all by himself. Jenny, an excellent cook, was touched by this thoughtful gesture. . . which clearly made her heart sing!
Everything put back in the basket, Clint confidently on bended knee, asked Jenny if she would marry him and presented her with a ring!
Jenny was delighted! Thrilled beyond words, but managed to speak the all important, 'Yes'!
Sometimes a picture can speak louder than words!

Glowing with the happiness of love....

...they step into their future......... together!

Congratulations Jenny, for being accepted into Texas Weslyan Law School! You are amazing in so many ways!

Coming up next.... Clint + Jenny = Love !


Joni said...

Love it! And can't wait to read more. What a great story to tell!

Congrats Clint and Jenny:)

Kayce said...


Anonymous said...

awww you are SO sweet! What a beautiful picture tribute/montage! I couldn't have presented the wonderful story any better! THANK YOU SO MUCH. This truly means a lot to me and warms my heart with love. :) Can't wait to see you! Lots of love, Jenny

bunnytrails said...

I think I'm gonna cry! So sweet and precious! They are a beautiful couple!!

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

How Romantic!!! Tell us more. Whens the big day?

mary said...

How lovely! Please don't make us wait too long to find out more...

lynnette said...

It turned out perfect.
Thanks for going to Lubbock, I owe you!

Michelle said...

Beautifully told love story!

Rochelle said...

Such romance...so beautiful...such young love! Congrats to your growing family! p.s. i am partial to their little yorkie pup Tank!

Beth said...

We're lucky people to have Jenny coming into our family! :)