Wednesday, July 15, 2009

This year's vacation hit the bulls eye on summer fun! After arriving on Whidbey island, we spent several enjoyable days with Beth and Carter. It's berry season in Washington State, so we visited a local farm to pick strawberries. The farmer handed us a basket and said eat as many as you like. They were big, beautiful and plentiful. In about 30 minutes we had picked 30 lbs, at a mere $1.17 lb.

When we got back, Carter and I washed, dried and froze most of them, to be used later. Of course we couldn't resist making 'strawberry shortcake' for dessert that night. I am sorry you weren't there...

The next morning, we packed up our bags and bff's Leslie and Laynce and drove to Vancover, but not before stopping in at the Calico Cupboard in Annacortes. Beth and Carter, came too!

After a delicious breakfast, we were off on another adventure!
Upon arrival, we checked into the River Rock Hotel. The rooms were great!...and so was the hotel, but knowing we only had one day to see Vancover, we didn't waste time.
First stop! Historic, colorful and quaint, Gastown.

We watched the steam clock chime 4:00.
As we walked past this sidewalk musician playing Val-de-ri, I chimed in, singing the words, " knapsack on my back"
Admired the Harbor,

and enjoyed a delicious dinner at a hip eatery!
Next morning, we woke up early and ready to cruise! We had been looking forward to this day for months. Our first glimpse of the Serenade of the Seas! Anticipating adventure...we were excited! Anchors away! Leaving the harbor! Heading out to sea, it's time to explore out the ship...all 975 feet.
Poolside bronze! On board Coffee Bar....Latte-tudes. mmm.....Central lobby. Glass elevators...rise high above the lobby. An aerial view.

Original art at every turn.

At dinner, we met Wilhelm, a hair dresser from South Africa! A colorful chap, who said 'lovely' a lot! We had fun getting to know Willy! This is Michael, our Head Waiter, who is from the Phillipines. He made excellent recommendations each night and amused us frequently.
We did not order anything from the Vitaility menu.
The food was delicious!
The towel animals were great!

Next stop! .......Icy Straight, Alaska


Beth said...

YAY! Love all the pictures...just wish y'all were still here!! :) I'm so glad y'all got to go on such a cool trip, you deserve it!

Michelle said...

What an awesome time! I love seeing all of the pictures. I have a friend going on an Alaskan cruise in a few months, I need to send her over here to check out the pics!

bunnytrails said...

Oh my! What a trip you had! The cruise ship looked wonderful!! Looking forward to seeing you soon. You have been missed!!!!!!!

Rochelle said...

Looks like you all are having/had a wonderful time...I hope you got to see some of Vancouver! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

lynnette said...

The animal towels were always my favorites!

mary said...

I wanna go!!!!!

lyndsay said...

thanks for the pics! I've been waiting in anticipation. I love the one of my mom! I'm so happy to hear that y'all had such a wonderful time! Next time let's all go!