Friday, July 24, 2009

Icy Strait, Alaska

We've been on two more trips since we got back from the Alaskan cruise. I've got so much to 'post' about , my heads in a spin. So I'll be showing you a lot of pictures over the next few days just trying to catch up because after "I do", I got some REALLY BIG NEWS to share! And ' that' my friends will be the carrot dangling in front of the horse.
After cruising for a day and a half, Seranade of the Seas, made it's first visit to Icy Strait, Alaska. e Once a salmon cannery, the surounding waters are plentiful with marine life...incliuding whales.

Anxious to see the sights we decided to take a little hike. The air was cool and crisp!

Everything was so green...

...and lush!

The underneath of a toppled tree.

Huge logs. Paul Bunyan must live near by.

Native blackberries in bloom.

Old cemetary.

An amazing forest with a carpet of moss.

Laynce and Leslie, went off and left me... to be eaten by bears!

This cute little bus, made a 45 minute trek to the top of a nearby mountain top, so adventurous cruisers could ride a Zip-line back down the mountain. It takes only 2 minutes to get down,

unless you chicken out. Then it would take 45 minutes to ride the bus back. How embarrasing!
Several hours later, we headed back to the boat. Icy Strait was really cool! Our BFF Leslie and Laynce.... one of the nicest things that ever happened to us.

The minute we get back on board, we'll race to our favorite napping chairs!

...and while we're snoozing, vision's of humpback whales will swim in our heads!


Michelle said...

Great pics. Can't wait to see more and hear all about your other trips! You lil' traveler you!

molly said...

Wow-what beauty? do I see a painting or two coming from these?? I can't wait to see the rest of the places you have seen and been this summer. Alaska is amazing!All I can picture is Ice!!hehe - glad your back in Hot Texas??

bunnytrails said...

Oh my!! Never thought I wanted to do an Alaskan cruise until I saw these pics. Emily's in-laws are on one right now!! So glad you are home!

Whitney said...

What fun you've been having! I can't believe football season is just around the corner!!!!!!! Please call me when y'all get together!

Beth said...

Ok, so the first picture leaves me thinking one thing, "Dad is one bad ass dude", I guess that's why y'all gave me the initials B.A.S. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dear Roxanne I surfed over from Carol Marine and got stuck on your blog, looking - reading - looking. You do creative work here, are having a good life and share it with others. I admire this ability. This is another way of life - I live completely different. Thank you for the good pictures and text. Continue to be a CheerLEADER. Many greetings, Albert

Kristin said...

I love the Alaskan photos-how beautiful!

mary said...

As, usual, great pictures and a fun read. Lots of potential paintings!

Anonymous said...

I just saw these pictures. We were in Icy Strait a few years ago, and I could swear we took a picture of the same cat. We met him on a walk It's a small world, sometimes!