Thursday, July 30, 2009

God's country! - Misty Fjords

On day four, we woke up to find we were traveling through a narrow passage, called the Misty Fjord. Photographs can hardly capture the amazing beauty of such a place. The peacefulness, the quiet, the absence of civilization, the magnicance and the scale are something one simply must experience. The captain of the Serenade of the Seas, had carefully considering today weather and water conditions before deciding to take the ship through this narrow passage. Our destination? To travel as far back as we could, and get a close look at a glacier. It is hard to explain how 'out of place' a 975 ft. cruise ship must look in such vast wilderness. And yet, I was so grateful for the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of what one friend called, "God's country". It was very cold on deck. Everyone was definetly bundled up!

The we traveled into the Fjord we began to see icebergs. First small and then large.

This is a large blue iceberg is glacier ice.

Finally, we get a glimpse of the glacier. The ship captain will get as close as he can, then rotate the ship 360 degrees, 3 times. Giving everyone a good view.Here are several pictures of sea lions...just hanging out! Again, the scale of things is really hard to comprehend....the average adult sea lion weighs 800 lbs.

We were told that the mountains with rounded top's were less than 3,500 feet and were shaped by glaciers. Those with jagged points, above 3,500 feet.

A hug waterfall and a large piece of glacier ice floating in the water.

The color was amazing!

My best close-up of the glacier.

Glaciers are hundreds of feet of frozen water/river. If a man were standing at the base of this he would be barely visable. We're talking big! Oh, and those are not tire tracks. Unless they were made by the 'jolly green giant' in his big monster truck!

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Beth said...

Looks chilly but really "cool"! Great pics mom!