Friday, June 19, 2009

Pink Hydrangea...painting of the day!

Today's painting was inspired by a lovely visit to the home and garden of friend, Kaye Noles. Who, upon arrival, served me coffee and cinnamon scones.....ok, and pound cake, but it was just a sliver. I promise! After a nice chat, Kaye showed me around her charming home and pretty flower garden. What a beautiful surprise! Thank you, Kaye, for southern hospitality and pink hydrangeas!


bunnytrails said...

Sooooooooo pretty! My grandmother use to grow hydrangeas in East Texas. I thought they were so beautiful. Your painting is fab!!

Rochelle said...

Hi Roxanne
Those pink hydrangeas are so pretty...all of mine are blue which reminds me of my grandmother too! She had these huge hydrangea bushes in her backyard that I remember so vividly..such memories.
Wow, you certainly are on a painting frenzy! :) Your paintings are all so lovely. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

These are simply stunning!

You never cease to amaze me!


Kayce said...

LOVE IT!! I love hydrangeas! Thanks for posting your paintings. I love to see what you have been doing!!