Saturday, June 13, 2009

Art Workshop, part 3...last day!

On the afternoon of day 2, Carol had us do another helpful exercise. We all set up our own subject matter and painted it one brush stroke at a time. I painted,

Three Cool Peppers

Later we all ate dinner at the Dead Fish Grill, in nearby Belton. Everything was delicious! When we got back to the studio a few of us decided to paint a little more. Carol joined

us and and set up the yellow coffee cup and a few sugar snap peas. We all loved it! Anyone interested in buying this little gem 'put their name in the hat' and I won!

Thought you might like to see how small these 6x6 inch canvas actually are!

Alas, it did not get a title and Carol's painting always have a cleaver title. Got any ideas?. . . . just leave your suggestions under Comments.

While Carol was painting, I set up an antique sugar bowl and spoon. Ambitious, but I jumped in!

This turned out to be quite an undertaking. The handle on the sugar bowl and the spoon were both challenging, to say the least!

As I write this, one week later, I'm still amazed at the generousity of Carol Marine. She unselfishly shared, non-stop for 3 days. Equipping us with fresh insight and inspirartion as well as unique marketing skills. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested. It was 'peachy keen'!


Beth said...

I love everything you painted! Great job!

Roxanne said...

Well, thank you Miss Beth! I'm so glad you do....I appreciate you taking time to say so! Counting down the days!!!


Hi Roxanne:
Was passing by - Glad I stopped.
You do good Blogging as well as painting!!
Happy painting.