Saturday, April 26, 2008


Spring is here! The grass is green, the birds are singing and everything is growing! It's a beautiful day on the mesquite plains of Texas and after being out of town all week ( painting for a 'fabulous' designer...details in a later post) it is especially beautiful!!!

Having an adventure away from home can be fun & rewarding but Dorothy was right "there's no place like home!"

I love home. Don't you? Just the thought of it makes my nose tingle and eyes water. It all starts in the nest....that cozy little place where life begins. Where your mama keeps you warm and fed and clean, and your daddy watches, protects and teaches you to fly. I cherish the memories I have of home. I am grateful, beyond words, for the love that has been lavished upon me. For love makes all the difference.
We all know life can be hard on our hearts, very hard...but healing and forgiveness are available through Jesus Christ. You simply, get to choose.

So choose your mate with care. Build your nest on truth and fill it generously with love. Nuture your little ones unselfishly. Teach wisdom and grace . Then someday when they grow up they will do the begets love.

My first little grand-chick in a nest of ticking pillows. Cheep, cheep! How sweet. See more at HAPPY SPRING!!!


lyndsay said...

Wow! I haven't been on your blog in a while. I was surprised by all the work you have done and the amazing improvement. Great blogs I really enjoy the inspiration you give to us all.I would have to agree with you Roxy. There is no place like home. Whether it's my temporary home here on earth or my heavenly home where we will be for eternity there's nothing like it. If you have time go to youtube and search for ikea commerical it is about the home. It is a very creative commercial with beautiful pictures.

Roxanne said...

Lyndsay! One of my favorite people! How in the world are you? So glad you dropped by! ...yes, I am catching on to blogging. Please check back soon. I love you so, so much!!!
p.s. I will look for the Ikea commercial. Thanks again!

B E T H said...

Where did you find that picture? I LOVE it! I really can't believe Carter was so little...SO CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing! Love you!

winstonbot said...

your blog looks great!! i am so proud of you for keeping up with your posting. no more turtles for you. see, all it took was a little encouraging blog creative party to get the tortoise out of the shell. hope to see you at SPQOH.
amy b

Roxanne said...

Amy!!! YES, all I needed was a little tutorial from my blog saavy , super creative friends! Hope we can do it again soon.

I'm in Midland again painting...I'll probably miss the luncheon. Thanks for commenting...I get so excited!..kind of like having a fish on your line.

Big hug!