Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miracles do happen!

The most amazing thing just happened to me (I can hardly wait to tell you but I can hardly tell 'anything' quickly, so bear with me....)! This morning, I opened up my blog, like I do every morning ............. just to look at it. I know this sounds silly, but I do! The same way I look in the mirror each morning to see if I still look like me and the way I've started checking on the flower seeds I planted a few days ago (there were 6 tiny sprouts this morning, only 3 yesterday)

....... ANYWAY as you can imagine, when I just now checked on my 'new-born' blog like I do every morning, a HUGE SURPRISE was waiting for me!!! I don't know what to think! I don't know how to explain it, but my blog has been healed!!!

That's right! The awkward 8" space between the title and 1st picture were gone. Completely gone! And not only that, the duplicate photos, that I didn't know how to delete, were gone too! There is the remaining issue at the bottom of the entry, with one photo laying on it's side, but 'Hey! Whose perfect!" I suppose some of you might try to convince me that this is the obvious work of the Blogspot Fairy and that she carefully watches over every blog to make certain that everything looks it's best! Others might say my poor little blog was so terribly embarrassed, by all the other lovely blogs surrounding it, that it gathered up every ounce of strength and pulled itself together. But I however, am convinced that my Heavenly Father, who is capable of any and all things, who continuously reveals His love, in 'eye popping', and 'breath catching' ways, did this for me, ....just because He can. I love you back, LORD!

One last possibility comes to my mind!...... Perhaps my sweet daughter, my first-born, who is thoughtful beyond measure, saw 'a need' and in the quiet of the night, thoughtfully helped her momma...like so many times before. I love you too!


Mary said...

Well, however it happened, it looks great! But, it looked great with all the spaces and sideways pictures, too. That's just the way it is when every picture posted is phenomenal!


Roxanne said...

Mary! You are so encouraging! I can hardly wait for you to show me the mechanics of blogging. I'm unbelievable slow! I'm so excited about our 'blog party' next Monday @ Molly's (she is calling you). Have you heard from her yet? Bring your lap top...and ideas!

winstonbot said...

oh my goodness, miracles NEVER cease.!!!!!thank heaven for daughters or fairies or both.... see you monday cant wait....
amy b
p.s. It dosent always matter what the cover looks like, its whats inside that counts, and you are too funny , i can actually see the animation jump off the page!!!!

Roxanne said...

Amy!!! How good of you to drop by! Your comments are so meaningful & thanks for sweetly challenging me to post. I needed that! You would get tickled if you could see how tricky this blogging business is for me. I'm not going to tell how manys hours it took to post 'Miracles do Happen' yesterday. Pretty sad, huh? But I do believe I'm catching on and anxiously await blog tutorials. Oh! Guess what? I'm bringing my grandmother's delicious Fudgey Chocolate Ice Box Pie. So save room for dessert!