Monday, April 21, 2008


Over the past few weeks, I've snapping pictures around our house. Today I thought I'd share them with you. I hope something here will spark your creativity and send you off into an artistic frendzy!
I love the shades of turqouise found in these old marbles.
Botanical prints, and moss and quail eggs under a large glass cloche'. Eight prints are now hanging on the dining room wall.Vintage linen, needlework and trims. Won't these be fun on something?
A wonderful old buffet with large glass knobs. When I bought it a few months ago it was blue and red. I had planned to remove the paint, veneer on sides and top, then apply beeswax over the pine wood. I love scrubbed pine! However, two quick coats of white latex, sanded edges and Minwax stain and seal (brushed on and wiped off fast) seemed like a better option at this time. Which do you prefer.....painted or stained?
Look at these pretties! Vintage hem tape, bird postcards, old linen needlework and egg'shaped soaps. Below, paper roses made out of old patterns. If you'd like to know how to make these I can post the info.....
Picassette (trash art) framed mirror).

Fun colors!

I found this chippy chandelier at The Backdoor, in Ruidosa, NM. Very nice. I like the way the crystals are hung with wire.

Great harlequin floor pattern. The scale was 9' x 3'. Very cool!

Have a great day!


Mary said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing. The roses made from patterns are great. I tried making some out of coffee filters (have you seen those? beautiful!),but harder than it looks!

Roxanne said...

Hi, Mary! Thanks for stopping by. No, I have not seen the flowers made from filters but I'd like to. I love your post about your husband and his gifts. Precious!

Lynnette said...

Roxie, even after all these years, you continue to amaze me! I love your blog, the pictures, your "studio" (that alone amazes me, 'cause I saw it before it was a studio). Your creativity is a constant source of inspiration to me and to all that know you. I laughed when I read about the Crayola crayons (I did scroll down, started at the bottom and worked my way up). I remember the "melting of the crayons on the lights, I think we got in a lot of trouble for that). I will look forward to opening this each and every morning to see what "fun" you have made for the rest of us.
I love you, Lynnette

Roxanne said...

Lynnette, you have always been the sweetest little sister! You are more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Some of my favorite stories start with " My sister and I..." Anyway, thanks for all the encouraging commets. You are such a dear. I love you! p.s...what were your favorite crayon colors?

Baby U've Arrived said...

Hi Roxanne

I've been google-ing for directions to make paper roses and I saw yours -- can you post or email me directions?