Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unforgettable Girls!


As summer vacation comes to a close, I  find myself reminiscing over the past few months and have to admit some of my favorite memories involve my little grand girls, Carter and Emma. Who recently came to visit for several days. As always, I enjoy every minute we spend together. Trying my dandiest to make  memories that will last a lifetime.


One day, by request of Carter, we rolled up our sleeves and went into the green house to create Cassette, better know as trash art or mosaics. I was so impressed as both girls, with confidence, made their selections and began working on their own little masterpiece. This was Emme’s first time to successfully master the concept and the mechanics. I was delighted with her completed projects…and so was Emme!


Carter, with the confidence of and old pro, created her mosaics to date!


They had so much fun! And I loved watching them. Just as Picasso said, “Every child is an artist”




Another day we played dress upSmile


They even talked Pops into joining them!


They also painted on a recent sketch I printed onto canvas….a bit like a coloring book page. Though Carter  enjoyed this activity, Emme lost interest halfway through.


After several requests, we drove downtown Temple to the pet store. I do believe the girls would spend hours in this place. There is nothing quite like looking at fish, turtles, snakes, exoctic birds and even better, feeding koi, petting hamsters and letting birds climb up your arm to sit on your shoulder.


Ruby, the Macaw parrot dropped a red feather which we were given to take home. Below, is a baby MaCaw!


If you are a pet fan, I highly recommend this amazing and super friendly pet store.


Emmerson’s face says it all!!!

Back home we spent hours playing in the tree house/fort! The girls took pillows, blankets, books and brooms up the stairs to clean up and decorate their, “apartments”!


Our days were full and fun. Laughing and playing!


When it was time to go home, the girls took new art home with them to hang in their rooms. Two cute mermaids for Emme! …She’s hugging them!




And Carter requested a pink peacock for her roomSmile

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