Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Paradise found!….a story continued.


Our trip into Hemphill provided Leslie and I with a tasty barbeque chicken lunch

from  Procter’s BBQ and a trunk load of groceries. Which we unloaded as soon

as we got back to P P Park. No pun intended. With the sun setting, we began

cooking dinner in our kitchenette. It really was kind of fun and  when the guys got

back we ate and exchanged stories from the day. They had caught some fish and

we had gathered up information about local ‘must see’s. Conversation continued

out on the deck, overlooking the water. We all laughed and had fun. I thought

back to earlier in the day and realized God had answered my prayer. My heart

was grateful! At some point it occurred to me that ‘paradise’ is simply a matter of

perspective and that gratitude and thanksgiving can change everything.


The next day we headed out for a fun day of shopping in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

We found everything we had hoped for: great seafood and good shopping!

After lunch we drove down the Cane River Plantation Road and stopped to tour

Oakland Plantation. The last tour of the day was at 4:00, which we missed but

walked around anyway just enjoying all of the old. With or without the tour

we loved peering into out buildings, admiring ancient oaks and peeking into the

old glass windows. My favorite are the huge porches. 


Oakland Plantation – est. 1821


Melrose Plantation – 1832


When we arrived at Melrose Plantation, we were happy to discover we were just in

time for the last tour (4:45) of the day. We enjoyed ever minute spent in this

amazing old home. Rich in tradition with an interesting history, Melrose Plantation

is listed among the first 26 sites on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail.



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Karin said...

Did you see all of Clementine Hunter's work? It was very popular in Shreveport when we lived there.