Sunday, November 18, 2012

They always said her head was in the clouds but in truth it was much further than that.


Is it just me or do we all love to make stuff?


Paint, paper, scissors, glue, glitter, rubber stamps, chalk


are just a few of my favorite things!


Fresh flowers, moss covered twigs, birds nest, real eggs


birds, fruit trees in bloom, quotes, colorful d├ęcor set my

Boy Blog Cherry Tree20125529555165650_ovmRSd7y_c

mind in motion. Dreaming and scheming of fun things to

MartaIMG_0320iphone fall 2012 552

create! I find it exhilarating! Whether it be painting the


walls in a room, gluing oyster shells on a lamp base,

roxys iphone 1800IMG_1955

repurposing a vintage travel trailer, gardening, photo-graphing, collaging, collecting, sewing, quilting or 100

iphone fall 2012 213

other hobbies. I hope you will make time soon to sit down


and create something beautiful. The possibilities are endless


And like the quote above by Elise de Wolfe, you too can


‘Make everything around you beautiful’!


Try creating some of your own gifts and decorations this year.

Some of my fondest gift memories include homemade gifts.

I’ll share some ideas over the next few weeks. Start soon and

keep it simple. Most of all make it fun!


Like a big helium balloon, let your mind go up. It’s where I

find the best ideas.

Happy Thanksgiving Holidays!

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