Saturday, August 11, 2012



I love hanging out with my girls! They really know how to have fun.

They all the great places to shop and eat. They knew I’d love the Bird Bakery and

boy, were they right. I couldn’t have dreamed up anything better.


From the front door to the bathroom was beautiful! All of my favorite elements

under one roof and the sandwiches and sweets were out of this world!


So the next time your in San Antonio, drop in the Bird Bakery for a  lovely treat!


Bird Bakery

5912 Broadway Street

San Antonio, Texas



kathryn cain said...

fun blog...and your daughter in law....o a girl can dream ...o yeah I am looking at 60 in a couple of I don't think but we can dream....beautiful family and where does hubby Hub once did then Vice principle and now directore of Transportation for TISD....and my high school sweety together as a couple for 42 years.....keep your art on...and guess what I can do pastel,pen and ink and colored pencil....knew a reason why we clicked...

Isabel said...

what a cool shop!!!! i will have to visit it one of these days!!:O)