Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wishing for an old tire planter!


I love these rubber planters, repurposed from old black 2 ply tires. Growing up we

never had one in our yard but I’ve always been intrigued with them. So whimsical

and clever! What a great thing to do with an old tire. I love this sort of thing.

Please tell me you know where I can get one! I’m determined. I spotted a lonely


white one in the neighborhood. I have watched it for months and decided


it must be unimportant to the homeowners for it has never had anything but

rocks piled inside it. On numerous occasions, I’ve imagined what and where

I would do with it. Finally, last week I got up the nerve to write a sweet note

that said:

Hi! I live in the neighborhood and love the old tire planter in your front yard.

You may love it too but just in case you don’t. I’d love to buy it from you.

I would fill it with colorful flowers and it would make me smile! If you’re

interested please call me.


I put it in a cute envelope and dropped it into their mailbox, hoping to hear

something the next day… but I didn’t. Funny. I was certain they would

jump at my offer. Convinced it had been forgotten. Several days passed.

I began to feel silly and a little embarrassed wishing I had not been so bold.

Yet, I’m fixated on the idea of having one. And though I’d really like an old one

with old crackled paint, I’m considering buying an old tire and making one:)

Trust me. I’ve read all about it and it doesn’t sound easy but I’ve got to have

one! Nothing can deter me! Not even when I imagine my husband’s confused

facial expression or my Mother wrinkling up her nose and asking, Why in

tarnation would you want such an ugly thing?, am I discouraged! So?

Do you know where I can get one?


Yesterday, while driving by the house where I left the note, I looked at the old

crackled white tire planter like I have a hundred times and couldn’t believe my



Isabel said...

lol, The neighbor probably thought you wanted her to put flowers in it:O)Loved this post, we used to have them in our yard growing up in fact my mom made them but they are since gone I will look around and let ya know if I find any:O)

Cyndi ✪ Blue Star said...

I'm pretty sure I saw some at the Fredericksburg Trade Days this weekend. Don't know how much they were and you'd have to wait a month and make the drive, but it's an option!

maureen said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! How funny. You gave her the "inspiration" to fill it with flowers. LOL Roxanne, it sounds exactly like something I would do...and Danny,like Coach, would be exactly at a loss as to why I wanted that "thing"; he is constantly bringing up the fact that we are probably the only ones in Texas with a "bowling ball" in the flower bed...I think not.