Sunday, June 3, 2012



Almost 400 senior Wildcats prepare to walk across the stage and receive their diploma at the Bell

County Coliseum. The holding area was humming with excitement and energy! A milestone, indeed!


While the 2012 Temple Wildcat seniors were preparing to graduate Saturday morning

the had a surprise visitor. Previously arranged by Associate Principal Alana Wood,

had Coach Spradlin introduce the special guest who he has known a long time. In fact,

few know her better for she is his daughter. Kim Spradlin, the recent winner of

Survivor One World.


Delighted to be invited, Kim quickly took the stage and in a few minutes said what she knows

to be true. Dream big! Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Even if you don’t

have all the answers. Do your best. Respect others and amazing things might happen to you!


There were a lot of pictures and smiles. What a great bunch of people live in Temple, Texas!

CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS! Happy adventure and remember that life

is a blue sky of opportunity!


Sarah Shalley said...

Wonderful! How special for those kiddos. :)

Alana said...

So glad her schedule allowed her to make it! It truly meant a lot to the graduates! Thanks for sharing her!

Alana said...
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