Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Marburger Farms


Yesterday, friend Lori Dean and took off bright and early for the bi-annual Antique Show at Round Top, Texas. It was a beautiful day for a road trip. The bluebonnets, indian paint brushes  and lush green grass covered the road sides in a display of spring beauty. Chai tea and chatter completed the picture!

Marburger Farms was great, as always. Creative vendors set up elaborate displays out in the big middle of nowhere. Well, it use to be nowhere but now it’s somewhere that people come from all over the country to sell buy and sell treasures! It’s really amazing and kind of hard to imagine so I took a lot of pictures!


Truly fabulous! But there is no way these do it justice. If you can get away now through Sunday, you should go see for yourself. FYI wear comfortable shoes, sunglasses, hat and cool clothing. Take plenty of water, sunscreen, hand sanitizer and if you have, a rolling shopping cart! You can’t possibly see it all in day but you’ll have fun trying!

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Angela Elledge said...

I've never been and have always wanted to go, maybe one of these days! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos of beautiful wares!